We take special pride in our kittens, and generally have (how many) litters each year.  If you’d like to be considered to adopt one our precious kittens, the process is as follows:

  • Fill out an adoption application (link to web form)
  • Once approved, join the closed Facebook group (link will be sent via email after approval)
  • As litters are born, members of the group on the waitlist will be notified
  • Once a waitlist member chooses a kitten from the litter, a time is scheduled for the potential owner to come meet with the kitten around 5-6 weeks of age
  • The kittens will stay with their mother until 14 weeks (?) and have all the necessary socializing, shots and spay/neutering (see list)
  • A few days after the spay or neutering, we schedule a time for you to come pick up your new family member.

We’ve invested in building a comfortable, well-operating cattery that includes x, y, z (3 catios, 2 stud rooms and a separate Queens house), and we invite you to learn more about our cattery facility.