Adoption Process

It’s a pretty simple process, I review your application and get to know you a bit and pre-approve you for a kitten.
Please fill out an application here on our website.
Due to COVID-19 there will be no more in home visits, however, we will have live Zoom calls every Sunday at 5pm that is open to all Nacoonzi members.
At this time you are still able to pick your baby up from the cattery and have a tour but MASKS ARE REQUIRED.
Kittens are handled from the time they are born and raised under foot to Insure proper socialization. Because we raise them underfoot they are extremely socialized and should blend easily into your family.
We do reserve the right to turn down a purchase should we feel the purchaser is not a good match.
We ask for you to be patient as we know some breeders release kittens at 8 weeks old but we feel they are losing out on important lessons from mom and siblings.

****Please note we sell indoor only pets. We Do NOT Sell Breeders.****

Please friend me on Facebook Maine Coon kittens of Nacoonzi so you can see previous kittens sold and what the families are saying.

Most of our breeders come from top show catteries in Europe. We are trying to bring that gorgeous bloodline to the USA.
Our first concern is health so we do testing to rule out HCM with Echo Cardiogram, X-ray to rule out Hip Dysplasia and other genetic defects. All our cats are fed the very best food which we feel is Royal Canin with important supplements added. Next is temperament and finally size.
  • $2000 for Regular pawed
  • $2300 Poly (extra toes)
  • $2300 All Smoke
  • $2300 All Dilute 
  • $2700 Poly smoke or dilute
We realize you may think this is a high price to pay but please take into consideration we pay up to $6,000 per breeder that is imported.
We also do the very expensive Echo Cardio grams to ensure there is not HCM (most breeders do NOT do this test) PLEASE do your homework and ask other breeders to show you Pedigrees and proof of testing to protect yourself from getting a kitten who could become ill and die early. Unfortunately there are breeders who do not test and you are taking a huge risk of having very large Vet bills down the road.

Kittens leave us with a very long list of things that include:

  • Their first shot (You get hard copy proof)
  • Wormed twice (Documented on Health folder you get)
  • Homemade blanket ( I make these blankets with LOVE and Connie embroiders their name and DOB)
  • Nail clippers, knot cutter, flea comb
  • Micro chip
  • Toys
  • Personalized handy bag
  • 30 days FREE Trupanion pet insurance
  • *Sales agreement with 1 year guarantee against genetic defects*
We want this to be a positive experience. We are always just an email or phone call away if you have any questions or concerns throughout the life of your kitten. I try to notify when litters come but I would recommend you watch our website because I do announce new litters and post pictures. 
We ask that you take the time now and then to send us updated pictures of the kittens either by email or posting on our Facebook group, so we may share them with all other Nacoonzi cat/kitten owners.
By you sending us pictures you are giving us permission to post those pictures on social media.
Please fill out the our Kitten Adoption Application to get started. We look forward to meeting you!
 We have added into our health agreement for you to continue NuVet lab vitamins with your kitten/s in order to make the guarantee valid.

Breeding & Kitten Socialization Schedule


We have a schedule with structured socialization,, shots, worming and general grooming. Here’s how we break it down:
  • 1 week before the queen delivers she is put in our bedroom with a handmade birthing box~
  • We observe and assist if needed on every delivery~
  • The queen and her kittens stay in our bedroom for 3 weeks~
  • At 3 weeks they are transferred to one of the nurseries~
  • At 5 weeks the socialization begins as we allow them in the upstairs area all waking hours, at bedtime we put them back in the nursery with Mom~
  • At 7 weeks we open the downstairs to give them more room to explore and back in the nursery at night~
Others scheduled things:
  • Allowed to nurse until Mom weans them~
  • Vet strength wormer  at 6 weeks old
  • First shot at 8 weeks old
  • Pictures taken and sent to families at 5 weeks, 6 weeks & 7 weeks old~