Our Queens are the heart and soul of our Cattery.  Meet some of our wonderful ladies in the posts below!


Date of Birth December 30,2018 HCM negative by echo cardiogram.

Mercy Rose

 Date of Birth March 4,2019 she's HCM negative by echo cardiogram.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Date of Birth March 4,2019.                                                                                       Came to us from Russia. She's HCM negative by echocardiogram.

Nicole Rose

Date of birth Halloween 2018. HCM  negative by echo cardiogram.

Kalypso Rose

Kalypso Rose DOB 10-01-2018 HCM  negative by echo cardiogram

Best friends with Nicole. Kind and loving. Spends time outside in her catio.

Stormy Elizabeth of Nacoonzi

Stormy Elizabeth DOB 12-30-2018 HCM negative by echo cardiogram.

Stormy is a typical tortoiseshell with confidence and leadership. She is still young but will start bringing little ones in 2020.

Eden Rose of Nacoonzi

Miss Eden Rose of Nacoonzi  DOB 06~11~2018 HCM negative by echo cardiogram.This is daughter of Confetti Rose and No limit. Her personality is duplicate of her mother, very loving and affectionate.

Julietta Rose of Nacoonzi

Julietta Rose DOB 06~23~2017 HCM N/N

This girl is our very big love and hopes of continuing her polydactyl lines. She is very confident and gets along with everyone.

-Delilah Rose

DOB 12~23~2017 HCM N/N

Delilah Rose is such a delightful girl with her strongest trait being gentle. This girl sleeps with us and is always ready to give and receive affection. She is due to have her first litter of kittens in March, 2019.