Our Queens are the heart and soul of our Cattery.  Meet some of our wonderful ladies in the posts below!

Venezia Rose

Venezia Rose DOB 04~08~2020

Daughter to Eden Rose & Chevy

Venezia brings Calmness and patience, she will make a very good mother.
We are very blessed to have her.

Spirit Rose

Spirit Rose   Polydactyl 4×4

DOB 04~06~2020

This girl is The Boss! Carries herself with great confidence and rules
the Pride. She’s large and plays hard. We are looking forward to the day
she has kittens.

Eclipse Rose

Eclipse Rose   Polydactyl 4×4

DOB 05~28~2020

Daughter of Mercy Rose & Chevy

This girl brings deluxe poly paws on all four feet that love to give you
massages/kneading on your legs. Such a lover girl that will be an
awesome mother.


Blossom Rose  Polydactyl 4×4

Date of Birth 9/28/2019



Olivia Rose
Daughter to NEFERTITI and CHICO

Date of Birth 5/05/2019




Daughter to Autumn Rose and Chico

Date of Birth 12/23/2017



Stella Rose

Stella Rose

Daughter to Diamond Destiny and Chico

Date of Birth December 30,2018 HCM negative by echo cardiogram.

Mercy Rose

Mercy Rose come from Russia

Polydactyl 4x4
Date of Birth March 4,2019  HCM negative by echo cardiogram.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Date of Birth March 4,2019.                                                                                       Came to us from Russia. She's HCM negative by echocardiogram.

Stormy Elizabeth of Nacoonzi

Stormy Elizabeth

Daughter to Diamond Destiny and Chico

DOB 12-30-2018 HCM negative by echo cardiogram.

Stormy is a typical tortoiseshell with confidence and leadership. She is still young but will start bringing little ones in 2020.

Welcome to Nacoonzi!

In A Coons Eye

Maine Coon Kittens for sale

Please note, our kittens are for sale by application only.  

You are welcome to fill out an application here.

After you have filled out an application and been approved, please join us on our closed Facebook page Maine Coon Kittens of Nacoonzi. I like to video tape births so people feel more bonded to their baby/s. You’ll also become a part of a family who LOVE their fur babies.