Kalypso Rose

Kalypso Rose DOB 10-01-2018 HCM  negative by echo cardiogram

Best friends with Nicole. Kind and loving. Spends time outside in her catio.

Stormy Elizabeth of Nacoonzi

Stormy Elizabeth DOB 12-30-2018 HCM negative by echo cardiogram.

Stormy is a typical tortoiseshell with confidence and leadership. She is still young but will start bringing little ones in 2020.


Perseus is blue & white, 12-04-2018 HCM negative by echo cardiogram.

Perseus is such a lover and full of confidence. Hershey is his best friend.

Eden Rose of Nacoonzi

Miss Eden Rose of Nacoonzi  DOB 06~11~2018 HCM negative by echo cardiogram.This is daughter of Confetti Rose and No limit. Her personality is duplicate of her mother, very loving and affectionate.